AKO Email

Army knowledge Online, known as AKO, is that the official military worldwide intranet website used to attach troopers and DA civilians through AKO webmail. it is said to be the world’s largest company intranet. AKO was developed in 2004 after troopers supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom voiced their issues and needed to communicate with each other. Military users can receive and send messages and have access to any or all commonplace webmail options.

AKO webmail provides a secure method to transfer sensitive information through the web for its users employing a high level of encryption. AKO provides e-mail, stores files, chat, blogs, numerous location services, etc. one amongst its biggest assets is that it helps link all the websites together to provide data on medical, publications, regulations, and free anti-virus merchandise.  AKO webmail provides some way for America’s Army at War, as well as places like Iraq, to communicate with each other and their loved ones. Once enlisted, army personnel are required to register for an Army knowledge Online account. The official website is https://webmail.us.army.mil/ 

Although Army knowledge Online is a terribly helpful web site, there are lots of individuals who say that it is not very user friendly. although AKO’s options might take some time to learn, once you do, you realize that it is a hub for several things that you just will need to learn and know about throughout your military career.

The AKO intranet serves over 2 million registered users, together with active duty, and retired service personnel and their family members. per the website, akousarmy.com Army knowledge Online is the “Pivotal Tool” for use in “Transforming the army to a knowledge-based organization”.

The mission of AKO is extremely specific; rework the military into an information-age by networking organizations on the internet through applications like Army knowledge Online webmail. For more information go to http://akoarmymil.com/

Only those who are a part of the military will register for an AKO webmail login. This includes active army members and army reserves, national guards, further as retired army members and therefore the guests of all personnel of the military. All account info for putting in place AKO Webmail are often found on the military’s official website or ako-webmail.net.

To access your Army knowledge Online AKO webmail login, you want to first enter the specified details, like your username and password customary to most on-line webmail platforms. there’s a tutorial both in text and audio type that may help you if you have any problems logging in.

If you weren’t able to access the tutorial you’ll conjointly check the AKO FAQ’s page likewise as data relating to resetting your password. you’ll additionally get information by calling 1-877-AKO-USER.